THINGS YOU MUST KNOW: Everything listed on our site is brand NEW (except for the “used”section, where usage is specifically described).
*: Reserved by someone else. You can request to put your name on the list to be next in line if the sale falls through.
Tester: Full size and new product, but the packaging is not the same as a product purchased in stores.
No box: Brand new and full size product, but we do not have the paper box

Damaged: Product is brand new, but the product box is either damaged or the product has small imperfections


LUCi Eyes Ray of Apricot 03
Liberte Palette
Irreverent Madame Palette
Pop N’Copper Petrol 16 Palette
Pop N’Copper Palette 17 Palette
Les Gris L’Wren

Butterflies fever- 01 glowy Ballerine [2 available]
Desert Rose- Island horizon

INK Artliner
Pop Petrol 04

Le Crayon Khol Kajal
Emerald Night

Le Khol Gloss
01 Pop Petrol

BB Sand 003 [9 available]
Bois riche [2 available]
Blind Date (no box)
Duo Rouge thermique
Golden Audacity
Exotique Kiss
Hot pink 351
In all her splendor [2 available]
Feuille d’Or
Furious in Fuschia #310
L’wren Scott Le Gris L’Wren #021 [4 available]
L’wren Scott Bloody Black Cherry #018 [3 available]
L’wren Scott Le rouge L’wren #20 [2 available]
Midnight Glam [2 available]
Morphin Duo03 Emeraude [2 available]
Pop Petrol 014 [10 available]
Rose Royale (no box)
Triple Tenue #351
Untamed Plum
Disco 004 (no box)
Disco 004 [3 available]
Lancome Lavande 359
Miss perfectly pink
le magnetique 02 blue enigma
le magnetique 01
Tai O-
Rose Tangerine 31
407 gris angora
rouge in love 401
le 54