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CAN YOU FIND MY ITEM?Yes! If you are looking for a specific cosmetic article (preferably a brand listed on our website), we can try to find it with our supplier.We understand how hard is to put ones hands on a sought after product or a favorite discontinued item, thus this personalized service. All you have to do is email us, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

OUT OF STOCK:Our stock changes daily so we encourage our customers to check back on the site as often as possible. Some of the items are very limited and rare to find, this means that we often have 1 of each. Make sure you contact us to place your order before it’s gone!

SHIPPING INFORMATION:We ship to Canada, USA, Australia, Asia, Europe(except Germany, and Italy).

All items are shipped out from Canada,using Canada Post.

Shipping to Canada: $5 for 1 item, $7 for 2 and more items

Shipping to US:$5 for 1 item, $7 for 2 and more items

Shipping to Australia, Asia, and Europe(except Italy, and Germany):$7 for 1 item, $10 for 2 and more items

SHIPPING TIMES:Orders with completed payments are processed within 24 hours of payment receipt. Shipment times vary by location. Due to customs issues on international parcels, we can not gauge how long a shipment will take to reach you.If you require shipment time information please email us prior to placing your order.

REFUND/CLAIM POLICY:We do NOT accept refunds. This is due to hygiene issues (we are selling cosmetics).

CLAIMS FOR LOSS OF PARCEL INTERNATIONAL BUYERS:All claims have to be opened after 30 days of completion of the payment. This is due to the fact that customs can keep a parcel for longer than normal.  You must email us all information including order number after 30 days of order date. Claims will not be accepted before 30 days from order date. Claim completion time will vary as it is dependent on Canada Post claim processing time.